Update – on new songs mainly

For a long time we haven’t updated this site, so it’s just about time to give a shout and tell you what we’re doing – before you start to think we’ve disappeared in a black hole.

Although now immediately I cannot post in dates of coming gigs and stuff, we must let you know we’re busy working on our new songs and details of our songs which are going to be recorded early next year. We’ll begin studio sessions in January and will record all those songs which are yet unrecorded.

Here’s a short list of song titles and wherever available, a YouTube link to their live versions. Wherever there’s no YouTube video available, I added a short description. The order will be different on the record:

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Moons get loose

Moons on the loose
Just like “Speedsnails around a Sun” to “Speedsnail”, it’s an added jammed-about “B version” with close enough similarities to the original to get a similar title, however different enough to it as well, so that it deserves to be a separate song on its own. Instrumental.

I, metal


Spacer song

Similar to “Spacer song” in its melodic style, groovy and spiritful vibe, and while “Spacer song” describes the differences between Earthmen and Spacers, this one explains our basic connection to our globe and to nature – to our home.

Goodbye parasite

Facing defects
It has a distinctive vibe to it with its fine complexity and unique structure of elastically joining groovy elements. The lyrics are somewhat (way too) sarcastic, holding a mirror to the face of a sick society.

This piece, with its Native Indian style drum lines and an ambient overall vibe, depicts a man in some kind of retreat, having left society’s struggles. It could be a twin brother to “Home”. At the same time, this song used to be a much heavier piece of one of Dave’s previous bands (NoiseField: Direct skyline), but originally was written to be part of a never completed project which was inspired by a great Hungarian writer Mor Jokai’s novel “A man of gold”.

Karma day

Where else?
Terran Spacers are not so serious all the time, and this piece is a proof to this statement. Why? You’ll hear it for yourself.

…that of a planet we’re talking about. Monumental, slowly emerging from the darkness and putting up its shape, ever-changing and still has its unique features as cycles. This piece had also been featured elsewhere, at another of Dave’s previous projects called R-Clone, but since then it became a hell lot heavier, too.

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Stay tuned, soon we’ll have more news to share, hopefully with gig dates to announce.

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