Acoustic EP in March 2020

Many moons ago there was word about it that Terran Spacers were about to record and release an EP with previously already released and yet unreleased songs’ acoustic versions. Where metal songs are played in a different genre, with only acoustic guitars and vocals. After having it announced, a long pause followed and for a while apparently nothing has happened.

Well, until now. Because the time has come, the finishing touches are being put to the EP which is going to get released on the first Equinox Day of 2020, which happens exactly on 19th March.

The EP contains 4 songs and a funny outro as a bonus track and is titled as Dr Han Fastolffe’s Humaniform Robots. Tracklist as below:

I, Metal
Birth Of A Planet 
Speed Snail 
Black Medicine 

EP will be available in all music stores and apps from the 19th March onwards and you can preorder it from the official Terran Spacers music store at the above Music menu.

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