Bandcamp Update

Star Wars day is coming and we the ‘Spacers have just updated our bandcamp page. Well, it’s nothing of the sort, I mean, there’s no Darth Vader or Princess Leia appearing with lightsabers and laser blasters anywhere on it, but you might be aware, that this day is special on the Spacer Worlds – all 50 of them, including Terra. 🙂

An era is coming to an end soon as work towards our full length debut album “I, Metal” is getting serious in shaping up its form, and results and fine details are starting to show. So, basically, as we slowly cease to be spring chickens in deep space, we had to include some tiny charge towards our downloads, but we honestly hope it’s not the end of the world for you, as starving musicians won’t be able to make good music for you either. 😉 But don’t worry, we have left plenty of good stuff out there for you.

It’s not only that you can download our two 2016 EP’s “Of Earthmen, Spacers And Robots…” and “Glitch In Reality” for silly cheap, but we also left FREE SONGS on both, and the full first, 2013 EP “Sailing 7 Seas Of Space” ABSOLUTELY FREE. If you do insist, of course you can donate towards our artistry whatever amount is on your mind, and we do appreciate and thank you for every penny you choose to spend on us.

After careful consideration we have also included some recommendations for you, too. Bands and albums we like and who are our friends and make good music – and are also available on bandcamp.

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