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Terran Spacers are a Bournemouth-based (Dorset, UK) science fiction infused Progressive and Space Metal band.

Founded as a three piece in the apocalyptic year of 2012, the band quickly started to implement songwriter guitarist and vocalist Dave Spacer Antal’s song ideas, some of which had already been demoed by himself under other names since his last serious project.

The band’s songs, having their roots deeply in metal and rock mold a unique unearthly vibe to them with mostly science fiction based and layered

Original lineup 2012-2014, l => r: Dave, Grish, Viktor

lyrics into often uncommon, unexpected song structures.

From the earliest days onwards the band adopted the harmonious A=432Hz tuning.

The use of the word Spacers in the band name is meant to pay homage to science fiction writer Isaac Asimov who is one of Dave’s greatest influences in choosing themes to write about to this day.

The classic first EP promo disc from the first, very limited series, May or June 2013

Terran Spacers’ discography comprises of 3 EP’s and a full length debut album.

The band’s first recording was a 2013 EP titled “Sailing 7 Seas Of Space” recorded by the original lineup, and consisted of 7 songs and an extra track.

2016 brought two EP’s, both as forerunners to full length debut album “I, Metal”.

Second TS EP, and the first one from 2016. Artwork by Viktor Antal

“Of Earthmen, Spacers And Robots…”, released in March 2016 contained 3 songs and 3 extra tracks. Cover art was made by Viktor Antal.

“Glitch In Reality” followed in October 2016 with 3 songs and an acoustic guitar intro.

The band’s full length debut album got released on 3rd January 2018 under the title “I, METAL”, which being a hint to Isaac Asimov’s I, robot series of sci-fi stories.
3D cover art was made by Viktor Antal again.
The album consists of 12 songs and a funny bonus track, each an individual sci-fi story with an individual plot in the background, still Spacerly inter-connected.
As a friend has put:
Terran Spacers’ long anticipated debut album, cram-packed with sci-fi stories about friendly and unfriendly aliens, getting rid of parasitic alien creatures, robots of the future, failed experiments, planet formations in the depths of galaxies, dolphins’ messages, asteroid collisions, spaceships and black holes. It will definitely leave a crater near you.

Current lineup is as follows:
Dave Spacer Antal – guitars and vocals (2012-)
Bace Antal – bass (2017-)
Anthony Grishmann – drums (2012 – 2014, 2018-)

Third TS EP and the second one from 2016. Artwork is Judit’s photograph.

Past members:
Judit Antal – keyboards (2015-2019)
Benji Garbutt – bass (2016)
Zsolt Alfred Molnar Baka – bass (2015)
Martin Shpoqu – bass (2015)
Viktor Munkacsi – bass (2012 – 2015)
Chris Kristiyan Stanev – drums (2015-2018)


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. . .

. . . .

. . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well, all of the above mentioned is bollocks, just a cover up story to soothe you and which you might believe without having to overexercise your brain’s capacity. Here’s the naked truth what’s really happened:

On the distant planet Terra, (which revolves about a binary star system called the Testicles, which consists of two equal sized stars, hidden from Earthly peeking eyes by the interstellar cloud called the Ballsack Nebula), a certain group of space-people (a.k.a. Spacers) have decided to expand their influence in the direction of the star “Solus the Sun” and the planet Earth in particular. In what way they wanted to expand their influence is yet unclear. In hope of better achieving their goal they started learning to play a number of musical instruments, in which project of theirs they completely failed, so they ended up having to use their mind-bending abilities on their arrival and making their audience think they can play by telepathically implanting the music experience directly into their brains. They also tampered with your brain so that this idea seems ridiculous to you who read this true bio and you’re inclined to believe the previously read cover-up crap.

You know what? If you don’t believe me, – as I can read your mind you don’t – I won’t go on with this. Believe what you want! 😀

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