Christmas Prezzie From The Spacers ! ! ! ! ! Spoiler Alert ! ! ! ! ! ! !

We’ve got something to put underneath your Christmas tree!!!
Not Christmas carols tho, don’t expect that from Spacers, but here we have something for ya.

The first 5 tracks of the album can already be taken if you pre-order it now!!!

Additionally, the price is very very reasonable, got up only £1 since the crowdfunding-preorder.

True, at the moment there is no option there to order CDs on bandcamp yet, but we are working on it and in a few days time it will change. Please note that there might be a slight delay in CD delivery due to not only Christmas, but also some technical difficulties that we had to face in the recent few days. We do apologize! As soon as we can – that is, as soon as we get them from print, – we will send out the pre-ordered CDs. Thanks for your patience and continued support!

In the mean time let me draw your attention to two coming gigs we will be seen at:

SAT 20th January 2018 at the FINNS in Weymouth we’ll play at Fissure Of Riddles’ album release gig together with Vrona, Embodiment and We Come From Ashes. Gig starts early, at 19:00, so be there on time, please!

SAT 27th January 2018 will see TERRAN SPACERS’ album release show for I, METAL at the ANVIL in Bournemouth, and we will get support from 3 amazing bands. You guessed it right, one of them is Fissure Of Riddles, the two others we haven’t gigged with yet tho. They are Taranis and Miseria Hallows. Show starts at 20:00, as I have mentioned before, please be on time!

Both gigs are FREE ENTRY and we will have plenty of CDs there with us, so get your backsides down and get yourselves a copy – if you haven’t done so already via pre-order…

Thanks again, and have a lovely time of the year, be it whatever you celebrate – Christmas, Solstice, or whatnot! 🙂

Dave out. 🙂

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