“I, Metal” recordings scheduled

After my last post here on Terran Spacers homepage now I feel it necessary to clear some possible confusion and misunderstandings.

Our “Active Hybernation” or “hiatus” that I spoke (wrote) about only means a temporary breaktime in the “usual” life of the band. Which only means that there are no gigs booked in for us for a short period of time.

In the background, however, what you can’t see, we are indeed busy working on the recording of the full length material which we christened as “I, Metal” in honour to science fiction author legend Isaac Asimov and his famous “I, robot” series.

Drums have already been recorded and soon guitar, bass, keys and vocals will follow in due order.

On the recording, just like before on last year’s two EP’s, bass lines will be played by Dave.

Release date is not set yet, but expect it sometime late summer / early autumn. We’ll make sure to get the end result to all of you in all possible formats that are popular nowadays.

I will post updates here and on the Terran Spacers facebook page, too.

On this picture our interstellar friend, Bert can be seen at our Earthly residence. I had just told him that there exist people out there who still haven’t yet checked out Terran Spacers’ two EP’s from last year. He didn’t want to believe me.

So, if you’re one of those peeps who haven’t done so yet, please don’t mess with this little feller’s feelings and go now to https://terranspacers.bandcamp.com and immediately click on “Glitch In Reality” AND “Of Earthmen, Spacers And Robots…” and hit the play button!

You can even download it for free for a limited period of time.*



* Date is not set yet, but as works towards the full length proceed, there might come a point, when…



#youdontmesswithbert 😀

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