“I, METAL” Studio Update – Clean Guitars Re-Take And A Bit More Of Bass Tracking

I know some of you might feel it painfully slow how we the ‘Spacers are progressing with our debut album recordings, but behind our seemingly leisurely pace we are overly busy with a hell lot of stuff and fine details. It’s not the infamous Spacer arrogance or extremities of perfectionism, rather we are trying out new methods and combining them with old ones, so that we can give you a unique experience that is of unearthly quality, one that you deserve.

With that said, we can now announce that today was a very busy and rather successful day so far, with all clean tone (no pun or reference to Yank presidents intended) guitar tracks re-examined and some re-takes submitted, as well as bass lines straightened out at some places. We also managed to build up a Spaceport from scratch during the process.

The songs affected were – not in tracking order:

  • Au Revoir, Parasit!
  • Karma Day
  • Sheeple
  • Spaceport

There’s a chance of more keyboard tracking sessions for the day and/or special effects recordings for two of the above mentioned songs.

In either case, the other option will follow shortly in the next few days.

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