“I, METAL” studio update


Just a quick note, so that you know that we are working on it. 🙂

Drums recordings had been completed in August/September and work then came to a halt, now to be picked up again as all hindering projects and elements were successfully put aside. At the moment guitars are being recorded, we have completed three sessions and the songs done so far are:

  • Birth Of A Planet
  • Groundling
  • I, Metal
  • Facing Defects
  • Au Revoir, Parasit!
  • Spacer Song

Of course, this is not the order in which the songs will appear on the album, just a work order for guitar recordings, which we went by. The rest of the songs are coming up with the next few sessions during this weekend and early next week, after which bass, keyboards and vocals will commence in due order. 🙂

Are you hyped yet? We are!

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