I, METAL <= And Where You Can Get It

For those of you, who are not so good at finding your way to your desired destination through the overcrowded maze of the internet, we have collected a few links all pointing to a direction where you can find our full length album I, METAL.

Best solution to the problem is our own bandcamp store, where you can get additional discounts for your purchase. Not only that, but also, when you make a purchase on bandcamp, you directly support the band, without the unnecessary involvement of a third party.
There’s an option to get your hands on physical merch, too.
It’s a kind of VIP zone for those of you who would like to have special stuff and special treatment, get the latest stuff as soon as is available, etc.

Amazon Music is also a good option to buy our digital album. It is labelled explicit because of the word “arse” used twice in the song Facing Defects. Oh my goodness, how could we be so profane? 😀 

iTunes is a good option and Apple Music, too, if you use apple products. To be honest, we Spacers are unfamiliar with them as we prefer our apples be intact and not bitten into before we consume them, but maybe later this will change, we can’t say. Anyway here are the two links for ya:
1: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1328740791?ls=1&app=itunes
2: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id/1328740791

Are you on Spotify? Here’s a link for you. 🙂 You can listen to us for free if you’re signed up. 🙂 

Beyond the aforementioned there are literally dozens of digital music stores and other music related platforms where you can find us and our album. If you didn’t find your favourite store mentioned here above, we do recommend you to use the search bar once in it, and type in “Terran Spacers I Metal”. It must pop up immediately. 
If it doesn’t, use one of the links above or alternatively, get in contact with us via the contact form, which is available from the above menu. We will definitely find a solution for you.


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