MAJOR announcement

C major chord – illustration for the major announcement. See? Major.

We have a MAJOR announcement to make, and to accompany it, we have a major chord for you, too. (See picture on left.)

Those of you who watch our regular monthly podcasts on SpacerTV (our YouTube channel) are already acquainted with the fact that because Kristiyan has just finished uni here in the town of our Earthly TS headquarters and because he’s relocating and not coming back to the UK, basically we have to say goodbye to him.

His replacement is not a newbie to the Spacer family tho, and those of you who had seen the band in its early stages might remember him, as he’s no other than the band’s original drummer Anthony Grishmann.

He will debut on our next gig in the Chaplin’s & Cellar Bar in Bournemouth on Thursday 12th July where Terran Spacers support another local act called Kung Fu Chicken Fighters, and naturally he’ll play drums on the upcoming gig in Sound Circus, too, where we will headline alongside another amazing Bournemouth based band Brothers Grimmer on Friday 20th July. 

Massive thanks to Kris / Chris for the time spent with us and all the things we did together and we wish you good luck with the next chapter in your life. 

And massive thanks to Grish, too, for picking up the thread where it’s been left off and welcome back aboard our spaceship.

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