New photos and short story

A new photo gallery was just created for the pics taken by Little Sunnie from Manhattan Dragon – a huge THANK YOU goes out to you! 🙂

DSC_0052Those of you who attended might know that a special edition of our recent EP was available for free at the gig, featuring two bonus tracks and a funny short story by Dave on the back cover. It hasn’t made its appearance anywhere else yet, but we don’t want to force you to live without it, so here it goes:



“Come over here and have a look!” – he insisted and tilted his head in the porthole’s direction. She didn’t move, just looked up annoyed. – “Come on, trust me, the view is worth it!”
She slowly scrambled to her feet and took a few faltering steps.
“You’re a bit obsessed with this world, aren’t you?”
“How amazing it is!” – he whispered, ignoring her nagging.
“I’d rather call it bizarre.”
For a few seconds they got lost in the breath-taking view of the yellowish marble littered with various sizes and interesting shapes of darker brown, blue and green spots and patches, as it was swimming through star littered pitch black space majestically. It was a beautiful sight indeed, pretty much attractive and inviting.
“Its real charm lies with its history.” – he hinted.
“You know much about it?”
“Well, whatever information I could look up, I did indeed, but I wouldn’t call myself an expert.”
“Have you ever been down there?” – and she nodded toward the marble. The thought somehow made her feel very uneasy, gave her goosebumps.
“Nah, I didn’t have the courage.”
“Fair enough. Is it inhabited?”
“It is. Rather weird creatures live down there! You don’t want to meet them.”
Silence fell on them as they got lost in the sight of the huge planet again. She broke it at last, curious:
“Tell me more about it!”
“Okay. What would you like to know?”
“Well, I don’t know. What is it here that we can see now?”
“It’s a continent. It’s the biggest of all. The most inhabitants live on it. Of the weirdest creatures.”
“What do you mean when you say they’re weird?”
“Let me see how I could explain… I think I’ve got it! You’ll see what I mean. Can you see that massive crater? South of the centre..”
“Yeah, I can see it.”
“That was a massive range of mountains to begin with.”
“What? You’re kidding me!”
“It included the tallest peak on the planet.”
“I don’t believe a word you say.”
“You can look up the information I’m giving you now in many sources. One of the creatures found out that a certain mineral in this mountain is beneficial for the creatures’ bodies. They started using it, they ate it, bathed in it, etc. – in the end they used it for everything. And now you see where they got with it.”
“You must be joking!”
“Which I am not. They had a special name for the mineral in their language. They called it ‘Himalayan Salt’.”

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