New Year’s Update

‘Thas just occurred to me that I forgot to update the official TS website with the news that had been updated on our fb page on the 2nd of this year. (I hope you’ll like the new TS terminology and TS-geek word usage we have just recently invented.)
So, this is the original TS post, copy-pasted from my personal fb timeline:

“Happy ESNY EverySpacer! 🙂

Terran Spacers

Happy 2016 to all ya Spacers!!!
Just a quick summing up of TS related news for the start of the Earth’s new lap around Her Sun*:
– Something IS brewing here recording-wise!!! It’s premature to say anything about time schedules or end results, but we are currently working on a new material in some form. No official announcements yet, only “work is in progress”, but rather serious progress, I would say. Of course, as there is nothing insignificant in space, especially when it’s in connection with Spacers.
– In the mean time we ARE still looking for a bass player to make our line-up complete. You know of a bassist Spacer wannabe? Please give us a shout!

* Don’t forget, the Earthly Spacer New Year (ESNY) begins with the Earth’s Perihelion, which is exactly at 22:49 GMT on 2 January 2016″

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