I, Metal review on rockbook.hu

It has just come in this morning, another Hungarian rock/metal web magazine has written a very positive review about our album I, Metal. Here’s the link to it:

https://www.rockbook.hu/hirek/meglepoen-sokszinu-es-otletes-anyag-lett-terran-spacers-debutalo-albuma-az-i-metal (You can use your browser’s translate function for English, but as automatic translator scripts couldn’t cope with the complexity and … Continue reading

SpacerTV podcasts – have you seen the January one yet?

Alas! Again we (I, Dave) forgot to post something in time. 
I mean here. Because we had posted it on Facebook, so basically that side got covered, but somehow we (I) forgot to post an update here, too. Well, basically due to Facebook’s ever changing algorithm and the recent … Continue reading