SpacerTV podcasts – have you seen the January one yet?

Alas! Again we (I, Dave) forgot to post something in time. 
I mean here. Because we had posted it on Facebook, so basically that side got covered, but somehow we (I) forgot to post an update here, too. Well, basically due to Facebook’s ever changing algorithm and the recent bad changes, we’ll have to get used to it and make it a habit to use our website as the main news outlet about band business, as post reach has dropped significantly recently on the social media platform. It doesn’t matter that you’ve got something near 27k likes on your fb page, each post is shown to somewhere between 20(!!!) and 200(!!!) people. That’s almost nothing.

But I didn’t start writing this post just to complain about fb, so back to the topic.

We had promised you guys that we’d keep posting regular monthly podcasts on our YouTube channel from this year onwards and it is so, we’re doing it. We are currently working on the second, February issue, which will get uploaded to YouTube as soon as it’s ready – and this time around I won’t forget to include a post here, too. 

In the mean time let me ask you whether you have seen the first one yet? It’s a rather short one and the forthcoming ones will be lengthier and funnier, but this is only due to the seriousness of the issue at hand which we had the podcast about. 🙂 

So basically, stay tuned for more stuff coming your way very very soon.

As well as posts about our Media coverage, which has just started picking up internationally. 🙂

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