Terran Spacers at OXJAM Bournemouth

Although in our September SpacerTV podcast we had promised you a gigging hiatus till December, we had some massive changes in our plans. First of all, Dave is back in town, so there’s no reason to stop the ‘Spacers now from gigging or even means to slow their spacecraft down. 

The first of a series of landings will be held at our favourite and now even refurbished venue THE ANVIL in Bournemouth on SATURDAY 13th OCTOBER.

OXJAM FESTIVAL is happening that day in 3 venues which are accessible with one wristband. There are a good selection of bands playing in all 3 venues, please do a google search or go to the festival’s Facebook page for more information.

Rock and metal acts play at the ANVIL, and TERRAN SPACERS are the headliners for the night.

The band will play a unique new set with old and new songs (noticed it’s plural?) and this is definitely a night not to be missed out, not just because of that, but also because the money raised goes towards charity. 

Help us raise more and give to those in need. 


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